CSSFier extension

Brackets extension that converts HTML into CSS/SCSS/LESS by pasting HTML blocks into CSS/SCSS/LESS files.

More than 10k installations.

Whats New 1.0

Check out the newest crafted features.

  1. Added CSS support
  2. Improved selector order and logic
  3. Better indentation


Install it directly from the Brackets.io editor or do it manually.

Extension Manager

  1. Run Brackets
  2. Select _File > Extension Manager...
  3. Search for “CSSfier” extension and click “Install” button

Manual instalation

  1. Under main menu select Help > Show Extensions Folder
  2. Git clone this repository inside the "user" folder
  3. Restart Brackets

How to use

Basically just paste chuncks of HTML into a CSS/SCSS/LESS file.

  1. Copy a chunck of your HTML file
  2. Paste it into a CSS, SCSS or LESS file



Sr. Product Manager @Adobe

This is a really cool looking @brackets extension - http://caferati.me/labs/brackets-cssfier - HTML->SCSS/LESS


Intégrateur du Dimanche, dompteur de CSS et créateur d'Alsacréations

Les deux plugins Brackets du jour : http://caferati.me/labs/brackets-html-wrapper et http://caferati.me/labs/brackets-cssfier

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